About the Study

TraX is tracking our communities’ responses to the monkeypox (MPX) outbreak and investigating vaccine uptake and real-world effectiveness in Australia

Since May 2022, a large outbreak of monkeypox (MPX) has spread to many countries around the world, mostly in gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men. In Australia, a vaccine is being targeted towards those at risk. The research study aims to investigate monkeypox (MPX) vaccine uptake and real-world effectiveness in Australia

  1. Determine the level of previous monkeypox (MPX) infections at the study starting point and measure the monkeypox (MPX) incidence over the 12 – 18-month follow-up period.
  2. Determine the effectiveness of vaccine dosing strategies.
  3. Measure rates and predictors of vaccine uptake.
  4. Measure the severity of monkeypox (MPX) infection which occurs before and after vaccination.
  5. Identify under-vaccinated, at-risk populations to guide effective public health responses to monkeypox (MPX).

Participant information sheet